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Air emissions

Cathlin Thurbon
Cathlin Thurbon
25 November 2015

AGL has a portfolio of power generation plants, many of which operate via the combustion of fuels. This process results in the emission of combustion products to the atmosphere. Some of AGL’s upstream gas assets also produce emissions to air.

Emissions to air from our operations can potentially contribute to regional airshed environmental issues, so it is important that our operations run efficiently and within the parameters set by regulatory licences. Undertaking regular maintenance helps keep equipment running efficiently and AGL monitors emissions to verify compliance with regulatory requirements.

During FY2015, AGL has made some significant investments in air emission management and monitoring equipment at AGL Loy Yang:

  • A new, automated notification system has been implemented to alert shift managers immediately via a beeper and an email whenever there is a risk of EPA licence limits for air emissions being exceeded. The email contains all the information and tools required to manage the situation, including relevant procedures and real time information from the plant.
  • A project to upgrade the precipitators that are used to manage particulate (dust) emissions at the station is being implemented. This involves the progressive replacement of electrodes in the plant’s electrostatic precipitator flows (EPF). Each refurbishment takes approximately 20 weeks to complete.
  • Some additions to AGL Loy Yang’s already comprehensive fire response capability have been made to enable a fast, determined response to any incident to reduce the risk of AGL contributing to deteriorating air quality in the event of a fire.

You can visit the 2015 Sustainability Report data centre to view or download data relating to air emissions from AGL Loy Yang and our other facilities.