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Produced water decreased during FY2015

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AGL Energy
08 October 2015

The term 'produced water' refers to deep groundwater that is brought to the surface from coal seams as a result of CSG exploration and production activities.

The volume of produced water at AGL's sites decreased by over 98% during FY2015, compared to FY2014, largely due to production testing at the Galilee Gas Project ceasing in March 2014 and that no water was pumped in FY2015.

During FY2015, AGL commenced the fracture stimulation and flow testing of four Waukivory gas wells that were drilled two years earlier, located within Stage 1 of the Gloucester Gas Project. The wells had been drilled into the deep coal seams and completely sealed off from surrounding rock layers and beneficial aquifers.

The purpose of the pilot project at Waukivory is to gather data from the wells to show how much water is produced from the coal seams, to assess the natural gas potential of the wells and to determine the impact (if any) on overlying groundwater systems.

As at the end of FY2015, these wells were in 'flowback' state (which is not classified as produced water). Around 0.72 ML of flowback water was transported, treated and disposed offsite during FY2015 and around 0.56 ML is currently stored on site in an above ground storage tank awaiting disposal.

You can read more about produced water from AGL's operations in the 2015 Sustainability Performance Report.