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Extracted Water Management Strategy for Stage 1 of the Gloucester Gas Project

Cathlin Thurbon
Cathlin Thurbon
10 September 2015

The final draft of AGL’s Extracted Water Management Strategy [EWMS] for Stage 1 of the Gloucester Gas Project is now available.

The EWMS maximises the reuse of high quality treated water for local beneficial purposes and provides the overall strategy for extracted water management from well site to final reuse. It addresses the Part 3A project approval requirements in relation to the treatment of extracted water and the reuse and discharge of treated water after desalination.

The consultation draft of the EWMS was released in August 2014. It was presented at a workshop with key agencies and local government, and publicly exhibited between 21 August and the 19 September 2014. Five agency submissions were received and two public submissions provided comment.

We’ve addressed the feedback received from agencies and the public, and Appendix A of the EWMS provides an overview of the comments and AGL’s responses.

Key findings of the revised EWMS include:

  • Extracted water volumes are now expected to be much lower than originally proposed (down 40%)
  • If dry to average seasons prevail, all extracted water is expected to be used locally for stock and irrigation. Extracted water may also be recycled as working water (fracture stimulation and workovers) prior to local stock or irrigation use.
  • There will be sufficient storage for produced water and treated water in all but the wettest years. During these rare events, and only in the early years of the project, there will be stream discharge into the Avon River.

AGL will be presenting this final draft to key government agencies, Gloucester Shire Council and Mid Coast Water. Following this a final version will be submitted to the Department of Planning and Environment.