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Hear how we're investing for the future
Hayley Greensmith
09 August 2018

Following our Financial Results, listen to our Chief Financial Officer, Brett Redman and our Chief Economist, Tim Nelson on how we’re investing in the future to put downward pressure on prices.

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insight of the dayRebecca Bellis, QDN

Being a sparky's daughter I thought I know how to put in a powerpoint, I know how to wire up something. I kind of understand what is going on but I turned up with a whole lot of people and realised there was a whole lot I didn't know.

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AGL's contribution to the National Energy Market

The NEM interconnects Queensland, New South Wales, the Australian Capital Territory, Victoria, South Australia and Tasmania, delivering 80% of all electricity consumption in Australia.

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What is the Liddell Innovation Project?

We are seeking proposals that will deliver social and commercial value for the Liddell site, our people and local community, following the end of coal-fired generation at Liddell in 2022.

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Why we can't be bystanders

Making a commitment to 'call it out', not be a bystander and eliminate bias and discrimination, fosters safe spaces for our people, in the workplace and at home.

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